Ӱֱ is a uniform school. One of the most important ways the school can maintain its excellent reputation and image in the community is for all students to wear our school uniform with respect and pride.

YEARS 7 – 13

  • Shirt – Maroon badged shirt
  • Shoes – Black flat soles
  • Sandals – Black (flat soles) with ankle strap
  • Pants – Black dress trousers. Denim, cargo fabric is unacceptable.
  • Shorts – Black above the knee ‘dressy’. Short length shorts are unacceptable.
  • Skirts – Black knee length. Long splits or mini-skirts are unacceptable.
  • Lava Lava – Black to the ankle.
  • Jumper – Burgundy Badged. No regulated hoodies/jackets are unacceptable
  • Jacket – Black badged soft shell jacket or black badged anorak (girls and boys)
  • Socks – Black ankle or white ankle (girls)
  • Hats – Plain black caps or plain black bucket hats are acceptable only during Term 1 and Term 4. Labelled beanies/caps of any description are unacceptable.

YEARS 11 – 13 ONLY

  • Shirts – White badged Blouse/Shirt


Physical Education Gear

All students are to have a change of clothes for Physical Education.

  • Shorts, trackpants, plain t-shirt/top, any colour
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Appropriate one piece swimwear, board shorts or rash vests, or any combination of these. MUST BE SWIMWEAR MATERIAL. COTTON IS NOT PERMITTED.

Uniform Supplier

THE WAREHOUSE, Okara Shopping Centre, Whangarei   Phone: 09-438 0346
UNIFORM HUB, Kamo Road, Whangarei  Phone: 09-435-2576
BETHELLS, The Strand, Whangarei  Phone: 09-438-6566